In Kennel dog Training Program

We know that a lot of our clients have a very busy Lifestyle and can't find time to take a dog to a training class, or it might be that you want your dog to have more in depth training or maybe your dog has some behavioral issues, let our experienced trainers do the job for you. We offer a 3-4 week In Kennel dog training Program, custom tailored to our clients needs. We guarantee to have your dog completely transformed when its time for you take it home. Our unique training program is exactly what your furry friend needs. 

How This Program Works:

Our in kennel training is a 3-4 week training program to gives your dog 1 on 1 training with a trainer. The dog stays in our facility for the 3-4 weeks- We focus in depth in obedience training, advanced obedience training, behavior modification, socialization and protection training. What the customer wants is what we do. At the completion of the training program, we introduce the dog to the client once again. We call this, our transfer sessions. Our transfer sessions transfer all authority from the trainer, to the client. Its a smooth transition of command. As a part of the package, the client will able to join our weekend group training sessions with the rest of our family. Our training program is unique. We inspire behaviors through motivation and then comes repetition till a habit is formed. A balance of positive motivation with as little negative reinforcement as possible. We back all of our training with a 100% guarantee. You are not just a client, you and your dog become family. Call to inquire about pricing.



$200 OFF on our In Kennel Training program and a free Wolfgang T-Shirt if you sign up before the end of January.



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