We are Wolfgang Expert Dog  Training, A K9 training facility that specializes in obedience and protection training. We also sale wonderful protection dogs. We offer top quality, fully trained dogs and fully trained protection dogs. We provide the finest and most capable protection  dogs for your family, estate or business. Our approach to training is unique and unmatched. Our World Class Trainer Wolfgang heads our training and ensures that every member of our team focuses on training our protection dogs for real life situations. Of course, we will never know when danger will strike, but we train our dogs to be ready to respond to any threatening situation that our client or family will encounter. We fully understand the importance of your safety and the safety of your family, that is why we take our training very serious. We offer two of the most in demand protection dog breeds in the industry. Dogs that understand  the importance of loving you and your family and at the same time, not hesitating to put their lives on the line to keep you protected. 

German Shepherd:

The German Shepherd is an active and intelligent dog. Fun, loving, loyal and fearless. It was designed to be the ultimate in work ethic, courage and physical prowess. The German Shepherd has very strong protective instincts. Heroism runs through their veins. With their noble and majestic expressions, and their powerful bodies, the German Shepherd is a sight to be hold. It is for all of these great attributes that they are top choice for police dogs, protection dogs and family companions.

Belgian Malinois: 

The Belgian Malinois is a strong, agile, alert and very smart dog. Its highly confident and loyal. A well raised Malinois is typically active, intelligent friendly and protective, but can be very destructive and develop compulsive behaviors if they are not provide with the proper stimulation and exercise. It is Very elegant in appearance and they posses all of the characteristics needed to be a top protection dog. It has the stamina to work hard and enjoys doing so. It is favorite amongst Police Officers and the Navy Seals.

-Our protection dogs are easy to handle. Meaning they're well behaved in every type of environment and a pleasure to have around.

-Our dogs are accessible to the most likely to be targeted and threatened: Children and Women.

-We take the time to get to know you and take the time to understand your lifestyle to better match you with a dog that suits you and your family. 

-Our protection dogs are an effective mean of deterring any threat. 

A FRIEND, A COMPANION, A PROTECTOR. We ensure that our protection dogs are socialized. If your looking for a dog to protect your loved ones, we can assure you that our dogs are great with kids and families. but if your looking for a more aggressive dog, we can provide just that. We want to provide you with  the dog that you are looking for. Our dogs will be well mannered when entering your home and will make the perfect companion. We strive to give every family peace of mind, knowing that they will be loved and protected. Our dogs will provide your family with the love and protection they deserve. Protect what matters to you.

-Our protection dogs are extensively trained in obedience and protection and make great companions.

-Our protection dogs are well tempered which makes them wonderful to have in your home, around children, in your office, in your beauty salon or barber shop,.. anywhere you need protection. 

-We sell IPO 1,2 and 3 titled dogs

-If there is a specific breed that you are looking for, give us a call or email us.