Acclimating a dog to a new  Home and territory needs a plan.

Because of the dog’s view, when they come to a new territory, everything that people see with

their eyes dogs inspect with their nose.

The first they do is walk around and sniff everything out.

When they come from a kennel and move in a house or apartment, they think they are in the


they smell your carpet, your food, your wine, the beer that you spilled on your floor six months ago, etc.

Because they have 20 million more odor receptors than humans, they are an expert in different senses.

When they smell a cat or dog who visited you in the last couple weeks, they smell the enemy first and have to mark territory.

When they come in your kitchen for the first time and smell your home cooking meals, 

they think this is their food. 

When you invite them for the first time in your bathroom and smell your excretion, they think they can do the same thing. 

And I’m not even mentioning cleaning materials, or different smells of perfume, or deodorants who can give the dog allergies.

To avoid all these problems, we need a plan.

This plan is only temporary until the dog respects your rules, 

the behaving, and the time schedule.

 Accidents can happen, we can’t avoid them until the new owner knows the dog, and the dog knows his/her new owner.

We have to go through this process with every dog, doesn’t matter if they come out from a house or kennel.

1. The dog sleeps in a crate big enough for its size. 

Usually the dog gets up around 7am.

2. After your open his crate door, immediately put the leash on, 

take him on leash to the place where you want it to go potty.

3. Prepare this new place with bits, like ½ inch with wood shavings. Stay with him and let him go potty – after he does his business,

 praise him calmly and give him enough time to empty himself (usually takes about 10 minutes).

4. Now go back in the house and put him in his crate. When he’s in his crate, you have time to prepare his breakfast.

5. When you’re done fixing his breakfast, you feed him inside his crate and close it. Now you have time for yourself.

6. After 30 minutes, take him out, put the leash on, and put him back to his potty place, the woodshavings. After he’s done, take him for a walk for at least an hour.

7. When you come back home, it’s on you to put him back in his crate or take him with you on a leash around the house wherever you go for close supervision. This way you don’t give him any possibilities to make any mistakes in the house.

8. For the dog, it’s easy to stay in the crate 2 to 4 hours. Only make sure he’s acclimated and always has water. The same process you do around 8pm.

9. Feed him around 8pm in his crate. Leave him for 30 minutes inside. After this, take him to potty, and when he’s done, go for a walk for an hour. Then it’s on you if you keep him close to you to watch TV or whatever you have to do. Before you go to bed take him potty and then put him back in his crate for a good night sleep.


When the dog is thirsty, make sure he has water.

After waking up, playing, being excited, or eating, the dog has to go potty.

Always remove the pinch collar before you put him in his crate.


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