WE  TRAIN your K9 for: OBEDIENCE, PROTECTION, BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO 3, DpobW, FH, WH.                                                      

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Dog Training Services:

4 to 5 Weeks In-Kennel Training Program

Dogs that enter the program are taught basic behavior and obedience skills. 

Week 1: Bonding and building trust with the trainer

Week 2: Heel, Sit, Down, Stay

Week 3: New Field Exercise, Long Down, Stay, Come and all other special commands

Week 4: Repeat all exercises, and if possible without a leash; socialize, and train in high traffic areas.

Week 5: The dog's owner must to participate in the training. (Three times 1on1 with the trainer and then join the group classes)

Training Days: Monday - Friday from 7am to 12pm and from 4pm to 7pm. Saturday and Sunday: 3pm to 5pm playing and protection.

Visit the dogs: The first 3 weeks we do not recommend visiting your dog.

Visits are made by appointment only.

Training Experience and Techniques:

The system and program is the same 90% of the time.

The exercises change occasionally on an as needed basis. 

The most important thing is to work the dog, on longer or shorter periods of training, to a point where he is submitting.

It is very important that the trainer recognizes when the dog submits and to stabilize him.

This is to ensure the dog does not get fear the exercises, or the actions of the Trainer.

The training must be very intensive.

The trainer must recognize when the dog has reached the limits of its ability to take pressure.  

After an intense training session, I give the dog a break, and put him in a separate room, where there are no distractions, and he can relax and feel comfortable, and think what he did in the training session.

After a one or two hour break, I bring him back out for training and determine if he remembers what he previously learned.

When he has satisfied my expectations in the 2nd training session, I give him 10 to 15 minutes of intensive play time.

After this, he has finished with his training for the session, and goes back to his kennel.

Every training session with each dog depends on his physical and mental condition. This means, a strong mental and less athletic dog, will have a shorter training session and less intense.

And a strong mental and physical dog, that cooperates much easier, will have a longer and more intense training session.


The Benefits of Protection K9 Dog Training 

I'm sure you know that there are many benefits when it comes to protection k9 dog training. Although our training is intensive, we would like to state that it does not make your dog vicious, but will build your dog's confidence in their innate abilities. Here are the benefits that our training can give to your dog:

-  Protecting your home, family, and loved ones

-  Becoming an obedient, loyal, and loving companion

-  Becoming a part of your family


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Protection training Plan

           Pet-Schutzhund-Guard Dog- Personal Protection Dog-                 .

Protection training

40 years experience as a protection dog trainer, gives me solid, unmatched experience, that I can precisely distinguish between a Pet, Schutzhund, Guard Dog, and  a Personal Protection Dog.

K9 protection training is as good as the Agitator.

He must recognize the weaknesses and strengths of the dog.

He builds up the dog, he gives him security, he makes him strong.

A dog must always work at his limits, so that he can learn to overcome his limits.

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