WOLFGANG                                          Super Family Protection Puppies

To buy a puppy from us, you will need to pay a deposit. At the moment,we only import puppies from Europe / Germany. We expect our own puppies in the next three months. The price for a puppy (Female or Male) is $ 5500. Please call for special conditions. ph:323 345 3980. With the purchase of a puppy, you get the opportunity in the first two years, the dog twice in ours "In-Kennel Training" Program.To bring "(Which has a value of $ 7,000.-) For me it is important that your puppy gets the best conditions to develop into a very well matured self-confident healthy adult dog.


Extraordinary in apperance, with amazing personalities, and a high desire to perform. You have the option to have the puppy trained here in our facility or take the puppy home without training.

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