Puppy Temperament Testing

Temperament Test for Puppies:

*Make sure to separate the dog to be tested from its litter mates and mother.
* You will need a collar, a leash, keys, a squeaky toy, canned dog food and                        a .........bowl for these tests.

Pet the puppy in a stroking motion from head to toe, Lifting up feet, tail, and ears. 

Is the puppy accepting and willing to be petted and examined?

Is the puppy sensitive about one particular part?

Is it  sensitive about all parts?  Does it try to bite your hand?

Is the puppy completely uninterested in your petting?

Pick the puppy up and cradle him like a baby or (for a larger dog) gently roll him over, belly up and feet in air.  Place your hand gently over his throat. 

Does the puppy allow you to place your hand over its throat without a struggle?

Are its eyes wide with fear and its body stiff? 

Does the puppy wiggle madly to right itself?  Does it growl and bite at your hand? 

Does it wiggle to right itself and then hurry away to do something else?

Test the puppy's reaction to sound: Use your voice to make  
a) a high pitched noise  
b) a deep gruff noise  
c) a whistle.  
Throw a squeaky toy near the puppy.  Rattle a set of keys. 

Is the puppy curious and wagging its tail?

Does the puppy look scared and run away? 

Does the puppy try to bite and attack the objects?  Does he bark loudly at you?

Does the puppy ignore all of the sounds and act disinterested?

Put a collar and leash on the puppy: Wait and observe the puppy's reaction.  Then try to move a few steps with the puppy.

Does the puppy not react at all to the leash and collar or react with some curiosity? Does he walk with you?

Does it freeze in its tracks and not want to move? 

Does the puppy bite at the leash and want to tug on it? 

Does it completely ignore the fact that you are at the other end of the leash and show no interest in walking with you? 

Test the puppy's reaction to the outside: Take the puppy outside. Try to find squirrels, birds, cats, and other people to expose it to.

Does it stick near to you but show a curious interest in these other things?

Does the puppy cower and run the other way?

Does it bark furiously and lunge at everything it sees?

Does it act very uninterested in the things you show it but very interested in everything else it finds on its own?

Test the puppy's responsiveness to food: Give the puppy food in a bowl and fill it with canned dog food.  Before the puppy finishes, remove the bowl and take the food away.

Does the puppy wag its tail and look expectantly at you?

Is it too scared to eat ?

Does it bite your hands, bark, growl or jump up on you to get the food back?

Does the puppy act very uninterested? 

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