We know that all of our clients love their dogs but having them obey commands can be difficult. Here at Wolfgang Expert Dog Trainer, we offer a 10 week training session. The sessions consist of basic obedience training up to advanced off leash training. We also offer an optional obedience with an intro to protection training package. Our trainers use commands that are a part of your everyday relationship with your dog. (i.e sit,sit in motion, heel, stay, down on command, and so forth)  

The obedience factor in your dogs training is essential. Its the foundation on which we lay all other training programs on. Let our experts help you achieve just that. Wolfgang has over 30 years of experience and is very passionate about what he does. There is no better satisfaction than knowing your dog will obey your commands and will be well mannered wherever you may find yourself. Come join our group of fun people and happy dogs! We guarantee your satisfaction!! 

Our weekend protection trainings are a lot of fun. Its a 10 session training program. We work in bringing out the confidence in your dog so that it may stands its ground when a threat approaches. We teach you and your canine to work together as a team and were with you every step of the way. Before you know it, your dog can be chasing bad guys around the corner. Sign up and see how far your dog can go.

We have group sessions every Wednesday and Thursday night, as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings. Give us a call so we can sign you up and get you your first free introductory class. The sessions are fun and we're sure your dog will love it. 

-obedience training-10 sessions

-protection training-10 sessions

-obedience and protection- 10 sessions

-our training will build confidence in the dog and handler.
-our training will build a stronger bond between dog and handler.
-our training sessions are great team building experience.

Customize Your Dog's Training

Because not everyone has the same lifestyle, allow us to modify your dogs training to best suit the needs of your family and make it more adaptable to your way of life.



we make owning a well mannered dog possible.

Our obedience training is world class.



The safety of you and your loved ones is our top priority, that is why we offer protection dog training unlike any other. your dog will love you, and at your command, will not hesitate to protect you.


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